Wet Clean – the eco-friendly version of dry cleaning with far better wash results and finish.

Bufa Care 4.0 is the magic formula, the latest German innovation in textile care. Bufa is a top ranking company for laundry chemicals and a pioneer of the Wet Clean technology successfully replacing harmful dry cleaning with better wash results and excellent finish.

Schulthess is again one of the first to design special Wet Clean washing technology. Another reason for sticking to the brand is the quality of it’s machines, backed by years of WASHescu Laundromat abuse in locations where 5 year old machines still work like new.

Our WASHescu app offers a far better experience!

  • Scan the barcode on the receipt and pick your order up using your phone

  • You receive a notification once your order is done

  • Share your order information and have a friend pick up your order for you

  • No registration required, just download and use it right away


Special deals

Offers are available until the 31st of December 2020.


Shirt / T-shirt
10.9 lei

Suit jacket / Short dress / Long skirt
18.9 lei

Trousers / Short skirt / Blouse/ Sweater
14.9 lei

Tie / Scarf
8.9 lei

Coat / Sports jacket
36 lei

Light jacket / Thin coat / Long dress
28 lei

Silk shirt
15 lei

Fancy dress / Fancy skirt
48 lei

Kids items <7 years
0.7 x normal price

Socks / Tank top
5 lei

9 lei

Gloves / Hat / Hood / Cap
10 lei

Bra / Short Trousers / Running Trousers
10 lei

Running top /  Petticoat
12 lei

Vest / Hoodie
14 lei

Robe / Down vest
26 lei

32 lei

Long jacket
42 lei

Ski jacket
36 lei

Ski trousers
23 lei

Ski overalls
38 lei

Curtains (/square meter)
8 lei

Pillow cover/ Small towel (<30cm)
7.5 lei

Table cover (max. 6 people) / Bed sheet cover
10 lei

Blanket cover / Medium towel (<100cm)
12 lei

Bath robe / Bog towel (>100cm) / Pillow (synthetic)
22 lei

Pillow / Sleep sack / Light bed cover
30 lei

Blanket / Bed cover (hick) / Armchair cover
45 lei

Thick blanket / Couch cover
65 lei

Wedding dress
95 lei

Bride veil
22 lei

Bride petticoat
18 lei

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We also deliver! – Check out our unique Wet Clean Delivery service:

Wet Clean Delivery