Pick-up and delivery on evenings or afternoons.

Online order form with no registration required.

Instant order confirmation.

Same day order pick-up possible.

48 hours order delivery time.

Eco-friendly wet cleaning by Büfa Care 4.0.

ORDER FORM (Minimum order: 120 lei)

A new and easy way for dry cleaning delivery: in the evening, when you are available!

We made it all very simple:

You place the order on our website, in the special section. Our form is built so that it takes everything into consideration, even a daily order limit. This means that we will most likely be able to fulfill the order.

You get your dry cleaning items ready by placing them in a bag or more (shopping bags are the best). We can pick-up large items (blankets or couch covers) as such.

In the day of the order pick-up, a few hours before the time frame you selected, you will receive an email with a one hour interval when we will arrive. If you will be unavailable, you may contact us and we will find a solution together.

We take your dry cleaning to our eco-friendly WASHescu Wet Clean facility in Băneasa where they will receive our special Büfa Care 4.0. treatment – a leading solution that avoids using the harmful chemical in classic dry cleaning.

We deliver on the day that you selected. As we did on pick-up, you will receive an email with the one hour time frame when we will be able to arrive.

Our service is only available in Bucharest, Romania.

Before placing the order we invite you to have a look at our Terms and Conditions.



Leading Wet Clean Technology

Bufa Care 4.0 is the magic formula, the latest German innovation in textile care. Bufa is a top ranking company for laundry chemicals and a pioneer of the Wet Clean technology successfully replacing harmful dry cleaning with better wash results and excellent finish. SCHULTHESS, our SwissMade equipment manufacturer is again one of the first to design special Wet Clean washing technology.

Determining item type

When filling out our order form, you don’t need to worry about perfectly matching our item names with your specific items. Although it is ideal that this is done right, in case of errors, WASHescu staff will call you before running the cleaning procedure and we will establish the correct order information.

Leather, fur and special textiles

For the moment, for technical reasons, we can not clean all types of items. More specific, we can not clean items made out of fur, leather and maybe other types of less common items. If items that can not be cleaned with us are included in the initial order, WASHescu staff will contact you and will inform you of the inability to fulfill the service. The item will be delivered back as such without you having to pay for the specific piece.

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