By placing an order on the, an order agreement between the buyer and the contractor is automatically created. The 2 parts in the order agreement which takes the shape of a service contract, are the buyer  and SC TOP WASH SERVICES SRL as the contractor.

The buyer obliges:
– To enter valid information about the order and valid contact information.
– To be available at the specified address and in the specified time interval that were mentioned in the order.
– To read the label of the clothing very carefully and to follow the wash recommendations for each items. He must always make sure that, by selecting a certain program, the wash recommendations of all the items included are respected.
– To not include items that can not be dried using a tumble drier.
– To check all the pockets of the items that are given to the contractor for the laundry service. He must make sure that no foreign items, ID or money are inside pockets.
– To meet the provider to the nearest car access point, if car access is prohibited at that address or the address is part of a bigger building.
– To pay the parking fee on the basis of a tax receipt presented by the provider, if the car access is not free of charge and the beneficiary requires the specific car access.

The contractor obliges:
– To execute the service in the time interval specified.
– To pick up and deliver the laundry on time and at the address specified by the buyer.
– To only use the standard WASHescu wash programs available that were pointed out by the buyer.
– To always use the sensitive dry program for the tumble drier.
– To wash and dry the laundry bags separately, as given by the buyer. He must never mix laundry bags together or with other laundry from the WASHescu Laundromat.

The contractor can not be held responsible for any of the following situations:
– The laundry lost color or the color got embedded in other clothing.
– The laundry got damaged inside the tumble dryer.
– Items found in clothing pockets got lost or destroyed.
– Any sort of damage to shoes included in the laundry bags.

The buyer will always take responsibility for the laundry mix created for one specific bag, the wash program selected and the use of the tumble dryer for drying.

The contractor will take responsibility and will guarantee for the contents in each wash bag only under the following circumstances which must be fulfilled in the respective order
1 – The buyer creates a written list of all the items inside each wash bag, providing as much detail as possible regarding the contents (color, size, brand, etc)
2 – At the scheduled pick-up meeting, the buyer must inform the service provider’s representative about the existence of the list and must go through each item in the list while the service provider’s representative is present and watching. Afterwards the buyers signs the list.
3 – At the scheduled delivery meeting, the buyer must go through each item in the list again while the service provider’s representative is present and watching.

After the last step, if the items delivered in each wash bag are considered by both parties to be in accordance to the initial list, the laundry’s integrity has been fully provided and accounted for. Therefore the contractor is no longer responsible from this point on.

If these conditions were not respected, were only partially respected or the above chronological order is not fully respected, the contractor can not take responsibility for the integrity of the items inside the wash bags and therefore can not be held accountable in case items are reported missing.

– Now or low quality items have a tendency to loose color which can further embed into other laundry. Please be very careful if you include such items.
– We do not recommend including ANY type of shoes. Almost all shoes on the market are not machine washable, as recommended by the manufacturer. They are specially dangerous when they are placed inside tumble dryers.