Our laundromat service, delivered to you in 24 hours!

Wash & DryPick-up & delivery: free of charge.

FROM 45 lei

  • 1 laundry bag
    60 lei
  • 2 laundry bags
    50 lei / bag
  • 3+ laundry bags
    45 lei / bag



FROM 5 lei

  • 1-10 items
    7 lei / item
  • 10+ items
    5 lei / item
  • Complete bed sheet set: 8 lei


How does it work?

Laundromat Delivery is a delivery service intended for usual clothes which can be washed in washing machines at our laundromats. Not to be confused with our Wet Clean Delivery service where each item is taken care of individually!

You fill in the form and prepare your laundry bags, sorted as you want them washed (max. 6 kg/laundry load). WASHescu staff will NOT sort your laundry. Each laundry bag is washed entirely and individually in a single washer.

On the day of the pick-up, prior to the time interval selected, we will send you an SMS with the exact hour of arrival.

We do your laundry at WASHescu Laundromats, where we also iron the items you chose for this service, if any.

Your clean clothes are delivered on the day you selected.

The service is only available in Bucharest and Ilfov county.

For other details, please also check the Terms and Conditions page.



How we take care of your laundry

Your clothes will be washed and dried according to your selection. Your individual laundry bags will not be mixed with other laundry no matter the content. If one laundry bag does not fit in a single washing machine, we will contact you for further details.

Your laundry is also dried

Your laundry will be dried using sensitive tumble drying. There are however items that cannot be tumble-dried, according to the label. If you know some of your items should not be dried, please mention in the form and we can deliver them wet (packed separately). If you choose to ignore this recommendation, there is a risk of extra shrinkage!

You choose the wash program

We recommend choosing the wash temperature according to the clothing labels. Follow these instructions to avoid color bleeding. WASHescu staff will not be held responsible if such an event occurs.

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