Ordering site is equivalent to a service contract between buyer service, person or entity named on the beneficiary and the company SC TOP WASH SERVICES SRL as a provider.

The Beneficiary obliges:
– To provide real order information as well as valid contact data.
– Be present at the address within the specified time interval within the order.
– To meet the provider to the nearest car access point, if car access is prohibited at that address or the address is part of a bigger building.
– To pay the parking fee on the basis of a tax receipt presented by the provider, if the car access is not free of charge and the beneficiary requires the specific car access.
– Check the integrity of articles before handing over to the provider.
– Do not include used and / or damaged items in the order. (broken, no buttons, etc.)
– Check the pockets of articles and ensure that they do not contain foreign objects (napkins, lighters, papers, money, etc.)

Furthermore, the beneficiary understands and agrees with the contractual clauses relating to the actual article cleaning service . These clauses are as follows:
1. The ecological clean-up procedure will be used in return for the chemical cleanser, strictly following Buffa manufacturer’s instructions for the Wet Clean washing solution by correlation with the garment label.
2. Even in the case of strict adherence to the procedure described in section 1, there is a risk that the products may change in size or deteriorate due to faults due to insufficient fabric and stitch resistance or lack of resistance to dyestuffs.
3. There is a possibility that objects with lining, reinforcements, collars, cuffs, pockets, etc. very dirty and / or dirty that can not be cleaned very well. There is a possibility that the product will remain dirty even after pre-conditioning and cleaning / washing.
4. Clothes with a hedgehog can clog during the cleaning process.
5. Garments that do not have manufacturer-recommended maintenance labels are at high risk of damage or change in original dimensions.
6. If the garments are damaged during the technological process due to technical reasons or the unit burglary, ascertained by the police, if the customer does / does not prove the value of the product, SC TOP WASH SERVICES SRL will establish together with the customer the amount of compensation. The compensated product remains in the possession of the company.
7. The execution times communicated are purely indicative and do not constitute effective contractual obligations. These may be longer with up to 4 business days, except for exceptional technical conditions (eg lack of electricity, lack of water, major defects, etc.) that will be communicated to the customer at the time of their occurrence.
8. SC TOP WASH SERVICES SRL can not be held responsible for the loss or destruction of buttons, zippers, shoulder pads, ornaments, loosening of garments, and forgotten pocket items, regardless of their value.
9. Any complaint or objection will be sent to your email address: SC TOP WASH SERVICES SRL will respond to them within 10 working days. Only photos taken at the time of the delivery of the products will be validly valid.
10. For the loss of the products as long as they were in the management of SC TOP WASH SERVICES SRL, the compensation will be made within 30 days from the finding, depending on the degree of wear and tear.
11. SC TOP WASH SERVICES SRL reserves the right to refuse objects that exhibit advanced wear and tear emanates odorous smells.

The Provider undertakes:
– To take delivery and delivery of the articles on time and at the location indicated by the beneficiary.
– Use WASHESC Wet Clean Baneasa cleaning and finishing procedures in accordance with WASHESE Wet Clean Baneasa standards, strictly following the article labels.
– Contact the customer if they notice items at risk of deterioration (worn, unlabeled, etc.) to make a decision to clean them.
– Notify the recipient in the event of a misstatement of the online form and report on the price of the service and the execution time *.

* The estimated order execution time is 48 hours (2 business days) and is only valid if the customer’s rating in the online form was correct and the items are marked with the appropriate labels. In the case of articles that do not show the appropriate labels, the execution time may differ, and it will be passed on to the customer after a WASHESC Wet Clean Baneasa staff has been found. At the same time, the execution time may also differ for legal holidays, this being communicated to the beneficiary at the time of order confirmation.